Welcome To The Home Of The Africanis

Join Edith and Johan Gallant on a journey through more than thirty years of research and over 30 000kms of travel through rural, tribal Southern Africa to document, photograph, and take DNA samples of this unique landrace.

Therefore, let's start by diving into the following topics:

What is in the name

AfriCanis is an umbrella name. It refers to all Southern African aboriginal dogs. This name has been brought into being by the AfriCanis Society in 1996

The difference between a landrace and a dog breed

Recent DNA research has indicated that the transition from wild Canis lupus (wolf) to its domestic form: the dog (Canis familiaris) took place in the South Eastern China

The AfriCanis vs. the Township and Greyhound-Type Dogs

AfriCanis dog is the umbrella name for ALL southern African native dogs. Over the centuries they have been shaped by Africa for Africa